RPR Technologies

RPR Technologies

RPR Technologies AS supplies a patented and proven Induction Disbonder Technology offering a unique and environmentally friendly method for removal of coatings on steel substrates. It is widely used in many applications all over the world; Oil & Gas, Steel Constructions, Pipelines, Ships & Marine and Tank Storage. The major advantages compared with other removal methods like grit blasting or UHP are many; silent, fast, reliable, operator friendly, safe and economical with low energy consumption. Disposal is reduced to a minimum with a significant logistical advantage.


Partners - OFTEC GmbH

OFTEC was founded in 1996 by Christian Streck as a company selling and renting out sandblasting- and HPLC equipment for industrial surface treatment projects. On demand of their customers OFTEC started to develop customized solutions for specific applications in several industrial areas such as chemical industry and shipbuilding. Based on a wide experience from the industry Oftec is today able to offer a variety of systems and methods meeting individual requirements of the customers in compliance with the new standards and regulations for a safe, economic and environmental friendly surface treatment.  Adding RPR Heat Induction technology to the specter of methods offered by OFTEC allows the customers to select the most appropriate and advanced method of surface treatment currently available in the market.


Partners - Jak

Jak. J. Alveberg as was founded in 1917, and is a company specializing in the supply of niche chemical  products.

The company today is a major supplier of chemicals for the aerospace and defense industry as well as heavy duty corrosion protection coatings for tanks, pipelines and other areas requiring heavy duty corrosion protection. The company also supply a number of special fire protective coatings for on and off-shore applications. The company employs 7 persons, and is ISO 9001:2008 approved. The company is in its final stages for obtaining AS9120, a future pre-requisite for supplying to the aerospace business.