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Green Tank Project

Green Tank is a project established between the partnering companies RPR Technologies AS, JAK J. Alveberg AS and Oftec GmbH. The project is co-funded by the ECO-Innovation initiative of the European Union. The partnering companies are forming the consortium of the project, coordinated by RPR Technologies AS.


– Cost efficent!

– Environmentally friendly!

– No contamination!

Project Essentials

The Green Tank project intends to develop and launch a robotic system based on use of RPR’s patented induction heating technology for environmentally friendly removal of coatings in storage tanks. In Europe, there are 12-15 million m² of coated steel surface in storage tanks that needs to be refurbished every year. Most of the removal is done by ultra high water jetting or with abrasive blasting requiring a lot of energy, resources, time and process water or grit. The potential advantages of using the patented RPR Induction Technology are many; reduced down time of the tanks, minimum waste disposal, lower costs per m², less energy use, no damage to the environment and it is safe in use for the operators.

The Green Tank project aim to introduce, market and launch an alternative to the traditional methods, to become technically proven and commercially available by end of 2016. During the project period, robotic prototypes for both horizontal and vertical stripping will be developed and demonstrated for Storage Tank Owners, major Contractors and larger Coatings Producers, proving the benefits and effectiveness of the system.

Layman’s Report issued

The project is moving fast forward and more information about the project progress is now available in a Layman’s report. It includes project updates with details from a recent demo at Repsol in Spain where the demonstrator was successfully disseminated in 3 storage tanks with different coatings.

The environmental advantages remain in focus and it has been proven that the RPR induction system can operate more than twice as fast as typical grit blasting with significant reduction in energy consumption and less transportation/handling of grit. It also implies shorter down time and lower disposal costs. The report can be found by clicking here »

Upcoming events

RPR is co-sharing a booth with our Malaysian distributor Deleum Primera at the Tank Expo in Singapore on September 27th & 28th, 2016. As a result of the pending GreenTank Project co-funded by the ECO-Innovation initiative of the European Union, new environmental friendly and efficient solutions for coatings removal by induction in storage tanks will be presented. Please visit us at:

Upcoming events

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